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Top Model of the World


We encourage representation from all of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Delegates can be represented by a local state organization or submit an independent application. All applicants must comply with the Top Model of the World US organization’s requirements.

Top Model of the World

Cuba International

We seek contestants from around the world who are either Cuban born citizens or can prove their Cuban heritage. Contestants who are not a nationalized or born US citizen with a US Passport, must secure their own visas to the United States for the national competition and later to the international destination for the international competition.




Each delegate will interview panel-style in front of all judges for three minutes. Interview questions will come from your bio sheet. Bio sheets must be completed prior to the competition and turned in during registration. Interviews will not be conducted on stage, nor will it include political or current event related questions. This segment of the competition allows the judges the opportunity to get to know you, and why they should select you as our national winner. Delegates should wear an interview outfit that reflects their personality and sense of style.


Delegates will compete in a runway fashion show modeling a high fashion outfit of their choice. There are no limitations in this segment, demonstrate your fashion sense with a short cocktail dress or a long dress from avant garde to ready to wear and anything in between. This runway competition gives delegates the freedom to showcase their modeling potential when walking the runway. Keep in mind the purpose of a fashion runway is to properly showcase the designers article of clothing.

Lifestyle and Fitness/Swimsuit

The swimsuit segment demonstrates each delegates commitment to a health conscious lifestyle that promotes physical fitness. Each delegate should wear a one or two piece swimsuit that can be from modest to high fashion. Please note that our organization does not condone any nudity and reserves the right to deny entry of any swimsuit that can be offensive.

Evening Gown

Delegates should wear a floor length gown that displays their own sense of style. Different from the Runway segment, the Evening Gown segment allows each delegate to demonstrate her grace, poise and elegance.

Question and Answer

The Top Model of the World USA and Cuba International competitions are not only about beauty, it is the balance of beauty, intellect, and grace. The Q&A segment will test your intellect and knowledge of current events and public speaking abilities. The top 3 contestants will be asked a randomly selected question by the judges.


The sponsorship fee to enter the Top Model of the World USA and Cuba International Competition is $300. Each contestant is also required to sell 10 tickets which include entry to a private welcome cocktail reception and the competition; tickets cost $30 each. These fees include the following:

– Official Top Model of the World USA or Cuba International custom embroidered sash; USA delegates will receive a sash of the state they represent, Cuba International delegates will receive a sash of the geographical country, region , or US state they represent

– Registration into all required competition segments

– Professional competition photo package

– A full color ad page in the Competition Program

– Participation trophy

– Securing your state title through the conclusion of Nationals in 2018

We pride ourselves in having lower program fees than many national pageants, while maintaining a high level of quality and excellence. We encourage delegates to attain sponsors to assist in paying the sponsorship fee.

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